๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ Unit 4 Overview

How can I apply math and computation expressively to create motion graphics?


This unit covers the fundamentals of creating motion in a program by using incrementing variables as well as how to utilize transformations and sine/cosine to move and shift their shapes. It continues to build off of knowledge acquired in the first 3 units.

The final project is very opened ended and asks students to showcase the skills gained in this unit as well as all skills they have learned previously.

Blueprint Foundational Student Standards

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Suggested Duration

13-22 Days (Dependent on how much time you allocate to final projects and lessons that have the option to go longer)


Formative Assessments are given during each lesson.

Summative Assessments include:

Mini Projects: DVD Logo

Final Projects: Animated PSA/Greeting Card

Overview of Instructional Materials

Below we have broken each learning activity down into succinct lessons. We have also structured lessons to promote best practices in pedagogy and student engagement, as well as including our own suggestions for implementation.

Sequence of Lessons

LA1 - Adding Motion

  • U4LA1.1: Motion w/ Flipbook

  • U4LA1.2: Move in All Directions

  • U4LA1.3: Make it Bounce

  • Mini Project: DVD Logo/Bouncing Design

LA2 - Transformations

  • U4LA2.1: Translate and Push/Pop

  • U4LA2.2: Rotate

  • U4LA2.3: Scale

LA3 - Trigonometric Functions:

  • U4LA3.1: Sine && Oscillating Motion

  • U4LA3.2: Cosine && Circular Motion

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