Introduction to Computational Media

A High School Computer Science Curriculum using p5.js

NOTE: We are currently in the process of making this curriculum into Version 2.0, which aligns more closely with more of the NYS Computing Standards. Version 2.0 is still under construction but materials are viewable via this link.

If you are viewing Version 1.0 Curriculum from Github, we certainly recommend viewing on the much prettier Gitbooks.

This curriculum was developed by the NYCDOE CS4All academics team (Josรฉ Olivares, EJ Park) with lead writer Luisa Pereira. Additional contributors to the curriculum include Courtney Morgan ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™€๏ธ & Josรฉ Orea (teacher implementation guide and additional activities), Esther Hersh, and the Processing Foundation. Curricular reorganization, rewrites, and extras developed by Courtney Morgan. All lessons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. For more info on the limitations and use of materials under this license please click here.


While this is an introductory computer science course, it can serve as a terrific AP Computer Science Principles Prep course. Please use the guides below to assist if you are a teacher whose students will eventually take AP CSP, or who is just looking to broaden the content covered within this course:

Curriculum Materials on Peblio

If you use the Peblio Platform, you can find all teacher-facing lessons and materials for the ICM curriculum below. You can find the student-facing version of worksheets here.

Peblio pages contain executable code, text, slides, videos and more. They are useful for creating and sharing programming worksheets and documenting programming projects. See this guide for detailed instructions:

Class Resource Examples

Instructional Videos

Additional Tools

  • Code-it: A block language based on p5

  • Open Processing: A web editor with a lot of cool examples from the community

  • Codepen: A front end web editor with cool examples (although mostly not p5)

  • An online web editor for any language with classroom tools

Additional Workshops && Tutorials

  • Meme Generator: Build a randomized meme generator in p5 -Tutorial

  • Generative Portraits: upload images and generate portraits with p5 shapes and the .get function -Worksheet

  • Changing faces conditionals practice -Worksheet

  • Happy Coding Intro to Coding with p5.js and Processing -15-week Curriculum

Getting Started with p5 Projects

These projects help you get up and running with p5 very quickly. They include instructions, videos and sample code. You can create the projects in the Peblio workspace as you watch these videos. They are not classroom resources, but resources to help you build your comfort level with p5.

Interactive Art: Hour of Code in p5.js

This hour of code activity introduces drawing with p5 and system variables mouseX and mouseY. If you change the sequence and teach colors after shapes followed by system variables, this is a great project option.



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