🗃U3LA5 Mini Project: Keyboard/Patatap

How can I create a visual, interactive project with sound?

Overview/Teacher Feedback

This project comes right before the bigger, end of unit project. As such, it's up to you how large you'd like to make this - feel free to adjust the program requirements to keep it as more of a short, 1-2 period practice and exploration, or scale it up into a full week ordeal. Entirely up to you!


You are going to be tasked with making a program that will be fully interactive and allow the users to play sounds that also correspond to something that happens on the canvas. (Think back to our lesson on sound with the changing face!) Your task can go in one of two directions: you can make something purely whimsical, or you can attempt to make a p5 keyboard (complete with visual) where the keys will play and change color as you type. If you go for the whimsical route, think something closer to this.

Task && Requirements

Create a program that has/does the following:
  • Includes at least 5 sounds, each that plays when a specific key is pressed
  • Makes something appear or change on the screen when each sound is played
  • Utilize any relevant skills from past lessons - think back on past projects and get creative with skills you can integrate into this one!

Writing Prompts

  • Explain how your program works.
  • Describe a challenge you faced in making your program and how you solved it.
  • In what ways could this program be improved, given more time and resources?

Sample Output

Be sure to visit the actual project - this isn't as exciting without the sound!
If you went the keyboard route, it would look something like this. As keys are typed, the keyboard would light up and play a note:


As we get further and further into the unit, the extensions become more about how students choose to challenge themselves by using the reference sheet.
In the sample project, a variation of timers are used (frameCount with modulo) to make things happen to a beat; this would be a great mini extension for students!